Marble Master Bath by Monroe

Sunday, November 18th, 2012 | Bathroom Furniture

The bathrooms are beautiful and captivating much the target of everyone to have it. as well as at the spa or a place specially like five star hotels. Marble master bathroom by monroe was meriting for thumbs up than a simple design but looks luxurious and perfect. can be seen from the selection of the theme rooms and floors in the room. on the floor of the room is designed with the use of natural stone beautiful brownish white so it looks very futuristic. it is also on the selection of bathroom lights look very beautiful. bathtub with a design resembling a small ship looks beautiful and very comfortable when soak while relaxing.

Marble Master Bath by monroe Marble Master Bath by Monroe

On the other hand looks a hall bath with a door using a glass cover. than that on the other hand looks a window for ventilation room leads to a backyard garden. seen near the room where the bathroom will look very luxurious look of the floor of the shower room. There are two showers in the roof space where the bath that has a shape like a mushroom, and also there is a handshower on the walls of the room. Equally important is proper seat in the shower.

Marble Master Bath by monroe2 Marble Master Bath by Monroe

Marble master bath by monroe is the perfect choice for the bathroom, for example you might want a bathroom with fancy designs such as the five-star hotels. with beautiful design and luxurious bathrooms create a different atmosphere.

Marble Master Bath by monroe3 Marble Master Bath by Monroe

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